Episode 110: “I do four boob jobs a day — of course I have a boat”

Bones and Booth are hitting the road again! This time to none other than lovely Los Angeles — a town apparently swimming in boob jobs, facial reconstruction, and coyotes. Come listen to James really struggle with this episode (from getting locked out of his apartment to inventing entire plot points). It’s a alcohol-infused, sunbaked laugh-riot with Emily, Marshall, and James on this, like, so totally rad episode of, like, literally the best murder procedural on TV: Bones 110: “The Woman at the Airport”.

Episode 109: “You are stoned, Agent Booth”

Deck the halls with death and virus! The Bones Zone crew celebrates our very first, very special Christmas episode of Bones (recorded in July, released in February). The show runners figured we hadn’t seen much character development in a while, so they locked all the characters in the Jeffersonian with a deadly bacteria (and Brennan is being a real grinch about it)! Who is Angela’s surprise guest father? What secret has Booth been keeping from the team? And what in the Santa-sack is a Goodman bo-bo? Unwrap this gift of an ep to find out! So grab a hot cocoa, spike it with Jack, and come celebrate the magical, potentially lethal holiday masterpiece of Bones episode 109: “The Man in the Fallout Shelter.”

Episode 108: “She has an obvious personality disorder”

This Monday, Monday, Monday: It’s a battle of the forensic anthropologists on this Summer Smackdown edition of Bones. In the blue corner, it’s our own beloved Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel). In the red corner, some smarmy old professor of hers named Dr. Coopertown (Josh Hopkins). Come watch the two geniuses duke it out in the courtroom as we finally get to see some of the legal aspects of the “medicolegal” work of the Jeffersonian. Will Bones’ sudden lack of personality destroy her credibility as an expert witness? Will host Emily become so furious she reaches into the TV and knocks Josh Hopkins down a peg? Or will both student and teacher fall prey to some of the most cringe-worthy pillow talk we’ve seen on air? Grab a beer and join the Emily, Marshall, and James as they tap in to take on Bones episode 108: “The Girl in the Fridge.”

Episode 107: “I’m picking up a bit of a sex vibe”

In this unintentional “24”-“Bones” crossover episode, the gang is racing against the clock to stay the execution of convicted felon Howard Epps (at the behest of some random attorney). While the Squint Squad scrambles to discover the true nature of April Wright’s murder, we are treated to a breakneck episode of Rain Man Zack Addy, naked judges, and body swamps. Will Howard Epps be proven innocent, or will this whole goose chase turn out to be wild? Grab a beer with Emily, Marshall, and James and get ready to suss it all out on Bones episode 107: “The Man on Death Row.” BONUS: Stick around to the end to hear a special new outro by our friend Gavin Reagins!

Episode 106: “Murder is whacked”

It’s a post-9/11, pre-Obama world, but Bones makes it feel like 1990 with its treatment of African-American culture. Of course, the one night Angela finally gets Brennan to go out would involve insulting an entire music genre, finding a mummy in a wall, and getting super high on meth. It’s DJ Rulz vs. DJ Mount in the most epic hip-hop feud since Biggie and Tupac. So cozy up with this heavily-edited, beer-induced episode of a podcast and explore the cringe-y wonders of Bones episode 106: “A Man in a Wall.”

Episode 105: “Meet and greet, press the flesh, butt kiss”

A child has died and the Jeffersonian is NOT okay with it. Join Emily, Marshall, James, and, unfortunately, Charlie the dog as they delve into Bones episode 105: “A Boy in a Bush.” Laugh along as we discuss Booth’s misunderstanding of the “zoom” feature on cameras, and cry about yet another crime procedural’s foray into infanticide. Things come to a head mostly because James had a long week at work, and the Bones Zone squad proves they are unafraid of deteriorating into non sequitur. We’ve got wealthy scientists, baby snatching, and good ol’ fashioned child murder, right here, on the Bones Zone (we’re sorry about this one).

Episode 104: “I can just eat you up”

Jump on in with the Bones Zone crew as we hit the road for our first off-campus episode! Bones and Booth find themselves in the horniest town in the state of Washington. While mountain men lust after Brennan, Hodgins and Zack Addy find themselves locked in their own affaire de coeur with the UPS girl. Oh, and somewhere along the way a murder gets solved. We got bears, bones, brews, and a whole lot more right here, right now, on the Bones Zone.

Episode 103: “Shall I send for a philosopher?”

Some boy is hanging in a tree and the Bones Zone crew wants to know why! Join James, Emily, and Marshall as they feebly attempt and ultimately fail to piece together the central plot of Bones episode 103: “The Boy in the Tree.” Why does Sid poison Hodgins? Why can the FBI only investigate homicides? What is a hyoid and why does it, what’s the word, burn? The answers to all of these (kinda) and more, right here, on The Bones Zone.

Episode 102: “You can always count on the dead”

The Bones Zone squad gets #deep talking about Bones episode 102: The Man in the SUV, and reveals their lack of understanding of major world religions. Emily finally gets into SUR. Tensions run hot between Marshall and James as repressed memories of a pizza/dog incident surface. Does the show Bones have the gravitas to handle themes of international terrorism? We leave this as an exercise to the listener.