Episode 114: “A dead person can’t see anything”

A plane full of Chinese diplomats and the “in-flight entertainment” has crashed somewhere in the back nine of a Maryland golf course, but the Squint Squad can’t be bothered to care. Much to the chagrin of your cohosts, the investigation into a national security crisis is derailed when a floppy-headed, dead-eyed man named Jessie shows up claiming some bones found with the crash might belong to his father. Hijinks ensue as our heroes repeatedly go behind the incomparable Goodman’s back to investigate the clearly less important mystery bones. Meanwhile, Emily, Marshall, and James, amidst audible sighs in this tangent-laden episode discuss Charlie the Dog’s auto-fellator proclivities and the struggle with spicy poops. So crack a few beers and sidle on up to another cuckoo-bananas episode of Bones Zone as we discuss Bones episode 114: “The Man on the Fairway.”

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