Episode 113: “Am I interrupting a female moment?”

Bullets are flying as Bones and Booth investigate a series of murders connected to a Salvadoran crime ring. Unafraid of raising the level of public discourse, this episode of a Fox crime procedural bravely and boldly tackles issues of wealth inequality, organized crime, and America’s foreign policy in Central America (Hodgins has a thing or two to say about death squads). Somehow despite these heavy topics, your hosts Emily, Marshall, and James manage to find time to crack a few beers, explore incredibly “Safe-Search-off” Google results, and reenact much of Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman. Why is Bones so unafraid of drug lords? What is the senator and his army of house staff hiding? And which one of your co-hosts is a proven sociopath? Listen on to find out as three unremarkable people discuss the remarkable episode Bones 113: “The Woman in the Garden.”

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