Episode 108: “She has an obvious personality disorder”

This Monday, Monday, Monday: It’s a battle of the forensic anthropologists on this Summer Smackdown edition of Bones. In the blue corner, it’s our own beloved Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel). In the red corner, some smarmy old professor of hers named Dr. Coopertown (Josh Hopkins). Come watch the two geniuses duke it out in the courtroom as we finally get to see some of the legal aspects of the “medicolegal” work of the Jeffersonian. Will Bones’ sudden lack of personality destroy her credibility as an expert witness? Will host Emily become so furious she reaches into the TV and knocks Josh Hopkins down a peg? Or will both student and teacher fall prey to some of the most cringe-worthy pillow talk we’ve seen on air? Grab a beer and join the Emily, Marshall, and James as they tap in to take on Bones episode 108: “The Girl in the Fridge.”

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